Bring your home to life with our luxury hand poured home fragrances and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul with our natural bath & body products.

Peaceful & Serene

Our Tranquility range is the perfect bedroom fragrance. Promoting sleep and relaxation. 

Boost Your Mood

Our Invigorate range has been created to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. 

Refreshing & Uplifting

Our Energize range instantly boosts your mood with its citrusy aroma. Bathroom or kitchen.


Romantic & Alluring

Our Wild Fig & Grape range fills you with warming thoughts of a Mediterranean summers evening. 

Tonka 2.jpg

Unwind & Relax

Our Amber & Tonka Bean is a perfect mix of soothing amber and delicious tonka bean.  Living room or bedroom.

rhubard 2.jpg

Limited Edition!

Our limited edition Rhubarb & Ginger candle will fill you and your home with happiness.

Keep The Midges Away

Our Tea Tree & Gerainum range is our indoor and outdoor collection. Natural antibacterial properties. 

Seductive & Luxurious

Our Serenity range will add an air of luxury to your home. Beautiful aroma for any room.


Positive Energy

Our Rose Geranium range brings you the perfect balance of nostalgia and positive thoughts. 

sea breeze.jpg

Joyful & Carefree

Our Revive range transports you to a gloriously sunny and breezy coastal path. Bathroom or hallway.

Pink Fizz .jpg

Fun & Fruity

Our Pink Fizz & Grapefruit is the perfect balance of zesty grapefruit and sweet fizz, bringing the joys of summer into your home.

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